Stem Cell Culture Spernatant Treatment

Performed by a therapist, certified by the International Stem Cell Dissemination Organization (First Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Culture Supernatant). Introduction in Hokkaido(Stem Cells Beauty)at Niseko, located at the foot of one of Hokkaido's leading ski resorts "Niseko Tokyu Grand Hirafu". We have started a facial treatment to introduce (Human Bone Marrow Stem Cell Culture Supernatant), Hokkaido's first therapist certified by the International Stem Cell Dissemination Organization will be stationed at Niseko for treatment. The "Stem Cell Culture Supernatant" used for treatment is also derived from human bone marrow (Mesenchymal Stem Cells). Stem Cell Culture Supernatant is a supernatant solution in which stem cells and impurities are existing in the human body, they removed from the culture solution and treated with sterilization or the like. Supernatant contains a variety of growth factors (cytokines) that promote cell activity. Under the supervision from the doctor, the theory of the field of regenerative medicine was utilized for beauty, with safe and secure. Introduction of human bone marrow Stem Cell Culture Supernatant" was born. Unlike general skin care, cytokines contained the supernatant that can act on the skin at the cellular level, such as anti-inflammatory action, angiogenesis, and function to induce stem cells in the body. So, lasting effect is expected.


Oil Massage is expected to relieve everyday-tiredness both mentally and physically with slide technic and moderate pressure. Your heavy body may feel lighter because this technic improves blood circulation and you will be able to have a better sleep.


This massage improves blood circulation and lymphatic system by massaging stiff muscles. It will relieve tension from your body and bring you the relaxation effect.


Hot stone therapy uses far infrared rays to warm the entire body, and in combination with oil massage, it relaxes the body, promotes blood flow, and increases natural healing power.


Thai massage uses not only palms and fingers but also elbows, knees, arms and feet. Every movement is slow. This will relieve muscle stiffness and stretch slack muscles and give you healing and relaxation effect.


This treatment is for legs and feet.


Herbal ball is a steamed ball filled with various kinds of herbs and pressing it on the body to relieve body stiffness and improve poor blood circulation. Also, the scent of herbs makes you relaxing.


This technic helps loosen the tension of the facial muscles and facial. The massage on the head, back and collarbone gives you the maximum effect to the face lift. Your posture gets better by solving muscle stiffness. Also, the improved posture helps your lifted face last longer.


The first full-scale nail salon in Niseko Hirafu Nail care, gel nails, acrylic, foot care, art, etc. A manicurist with more than 20 years of nail experience will help you look beautiful. Please feel free to contact us about anything related to nails.

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